Farm Holidays Silver Coast


30th August 2017

 Yesterday we decided to pick the ripe figs. There are more of course but the ripe ones will fall down if you don´t pick them. With these ,about 6 kilos, we wanted to make fig marmelade for those cheese trays or breakfasts we´re serving groups.

To be able to get them I had to fight the wasps, the silvas which is Portuguese for brambles and the sheer height of the fig tree itself. But it was so worth it. There is a very aromatic and sweet smell from he figs but also this earthy smell from figs fermenting on the ground.

Then came the work with washing them and cut them in halves. We cooked them with sugar, lemon but also a quince. Quinces are amazing fruits because they contain so much pectin so they help the marmelade to become a bit more set.

 When the marmelade were done we spicedit up withsome brandy and put it in jars.


This will be wonderful to cheese.