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Looking for a property on the Silver Coast

26th August 2017

You want to move to Portugal and of course you have chosen the beautiful Silver Coast to settle down. So now comes the time consuming work of finding the right property. You are looking at different real estate agents´ web pages and seen some interesting properties you want to see. The problem is you don´t have the time, the energy or the money to fly to Portugal to see every single one of these properties. Maybe the property will turn out to be not interesting at all in the end. Then you have spent money, time and energy for nothing.

looking for property

We can help you with this first viewing. You get in contact with us and tell us what property you want to see. We book a viewing  with the real estate agent. We go there and ask all the right questions, take pictures and films. We send it to you and tell you about the area and our opinion of the house. Was it smelly,  the area noisy with maybe a busy road, lively neighbourhood or something else.

We have bought and sold many properties. We know what to look for in a property and what questions to ask. We can read and speak  quite good Portuguese.

Save yourself some effort and contact us today.

Ase and Lars